Kongregate's Top Five Free Games: September 2012

by Tim Turi on Sep 18, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Another batch of Kongregate's top-five picks is here for the month of September 2012. Check out the these links and descriptions provided by Kongregate's Becca Stanis. We encourage you to tinker with the games and sound off in the comments below.


Bloons TD 5 (Pictured above)

Basically, it’s like Rocky V, only good and a tower defense game.  Help some balloon-hating monkeys pop until they drop with a staggering variety of towers and upgrades are really staggering.  Dozens of intricate maps, daily challenges, and constant updates will keep even the most experienced tower defense player interested, and it’s all wrapped up in a really sleek-looking package.  

Decision 2

In Decision 2, you’re a lone man in a world full of zombies that need shooting.  Take the town section by section, capture strategic points, and do some street cleanup. Complete each mission with an ever-increasing supply of weapons, and reliable controls.  You can also further challenge yourself to complete all the in-game achievements.

Super Adventure Pals

There is no love as sweet as the love between a boy and his pet rock, so when yours is stolen you must go to the ends of the earth to get it back - you and your trusty friend the giraffe, of course.  This creative action RPG platformer combines all the best elements of each of its components, the wall-jumping errand-running fans of each genre have come to expect.   Also, the villain has a monocle.  That is all.

Berserk: The Cataclysm

In this competitive CCG, you’ll build an entire island kingdom by stealing the land out from other players’ feet.  Cooperate and dominate by joining a clan, waging war and winning tournaments.  You can even capture your opponents and use them to protect your own land – that’s poetic justice!

Knightmare Tower

The king has an awful lot of daughters, and it’s up to you to rescue each and every one of them by launching yourself up a tower.  A host of baddies provide propulsion as well as a threat, so you can rise to greater heights with every slice.  Underneath all the fancy launch game features lies a hack-n-slash adventure game, so skill is a must – especially in survival mode!

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