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Update: Complete List Of Avatar Awards

by Andrew Reiner on Sep 12, 2012 at 04:48 AM

The list has been updated with new Avatar Awards for Halo 4, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Darksiders II, and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

If you'd rather spend your hard-earned cash on games rather than clothing for your Xbox 360 Avatar, yet still like the idea of dressing him or her in video game garb, several games offer Avatar clothing and items as rewards when specific game challenges are completed. Below is a complete list of awards that are available so far, or have been announced for upcoming games. We'll continue to update this list as new avatar awards are unearthed.

After Burner Climax
After Burner T-Shirt – Unlock every EX option
Gold Flight Helmet – Obtain one of every medal type in Score Attack

Alan Wake
Jacket and Scarf – Play the Limited Collector's Edition Bonus disc

Alan Wake's American Nightmare

American Nightmare Hoodie – Meet Emma
Night Springs T-Shirt – Unlock the first Nightmare Arcade challenge
Old Gods T-Shirt – Complete the game

Alien Breed 2
Barne's Helmet – Kill 50 aliens
Body Armor – Complete single player

Alien Breed 3: Descent
Helmet – Launch Project X.
Space Suit – On Elite difficulty, finish Space Walk

Ancients of Ooga
Fireling's Mask – Complete all of the levels and revive the ancient
Healer's Mask – Complete the trials

Anomaly Warzone Earth
Anomaly T-Shirt – Finish the first mission
Cargo Pants – Complete any tactical trial
Helmet – Finish the campaign

Commander's Hat – Finish the campaign
Emperean Uniform – Finish the prologue


Crom Mask – Execute a kill
Crom Leggings – Sacrifice yourself
Crom Shirt – Find the gauntlet

Friend Re-Challenge T-Shirt – Beat a friend's re-challenge
Legend T-Shirt – Earn the Legend rank in multiplayer
Showdown T-Shirt – Beat every boss
Sticker T-Shirt – Unlock every achievement
Wreck T-Shirt – Wreck another car

Carnival Games

Barker Bowler – Purchase the Barker Bowler
Monkey Barker – Purchase the Monkey Barker

Cars 2

Team Brazil Suit – Drive backwards for 15 minutes
Team France Suit – In Casino Tour, use the island as a shortcut
Team Spain Suit – Smash 100 objects in one event

Castle Crashers
Animal Orb – Defeat the Brute boss
Orange Knight Helmet – Defeat any boss without the assistance of magic

Chickens Can't Fly
Chicken Helmet – Earn 15 gold medals
Chicken Shoes – Beat a friend on Xbox Live

Comic Jumper
Captain Smiley Hat – Finish the game
Star/Gerda T-Shirt – Finish the first level

Costume Quest
Pumpkin Mask – Complete the game
Pumpkin Pail – Start a new game

Crackdown 2
Freaky Slippers – Survive Agent Diagnostics and be deployed in Pacific City
Level 1 Agent Suit – Detonate every beacon
Official Agency Hoodie – Complete one of every objective type
Orb Shirt – Earn the First Blood achievement from Crackdown 1 then play Crackdown 2
Ruffian Hat – Detonate ever beacon in Hope Springs
PvP Agent Armor – Complete 15 minutes of Main (requires Deluge add-on)
PvP Agent Suit – Purchase Deluge add-on
Xbox Green Suit – Earn the Rocketeer achievement (requires Toy Box DLC)
Xbox Helmet – Earn the Rocketeer achievement (requires Toy Box DLC)

Crazy Taxi
Crazy Taxi T-Shirt – Play the game for five hours
Hawaiian Shirt/Leopard Print Tank Top – Play the game for 10 hours

Crimson Alliance
Death Knight Helm – Obtain 20 different treasures
Pet Shaman – Defeat the Primitive Shaman

Crimson Dragon
Bloodskin Armor – Raise the bloodskin level
Bloodskin Pants – Achieve S ranking five times as bloodskin
Dragon Helmet – Finish the first mission

Crimson Dragon: Side Story
Dragon Mask – Finish the second level
Dragon T-Shirt – Finish the first level

Dance Central 2
Neon Blue T-Shirt – Score at least 2,000,000 on one song
Laser T-Shirt – Achieve gold status on one song
Move T-Shirt – Player every song once in Perform It mode

Dance Paradise
King/Queen of Dance Hat – In Career mode, complete all level 3 songs
King/Queen of Dance Shirt – In Career mode, complete all level 6 songs
King/Queen of Dance Shoes/Boots – In Career mode, complete all level 4 songs
King/Queen of Dance T-Shirt/Top – In Career mode, complete all level 5 songs
King/Queen of Dance Shades – In Career mode, complete all level 2 songs

Darksiders II
Darksiders 2 Cap – Defeat the Crowfather
Darksiders II Shirt – Complete the game
Death Mask – Complete the Crucible

Red Darwinia T-Shirt – Win a game of Multiwinia on Xbox Live
Squad T-Shirt – Complete the Epilogue

Dead Block
Construction Helmet – Complete the tutorial
Dead Block T-Shirt – Complete single player

Deadliest Warrior
Coat of a Thousand Nails (DLC Required) – Complete Arcade mode with a new character
Rajput Helmet (DLC Required) – Complete Arcade mode with all new characters
Samurai Armor – Complete Arcade mode on any difficulty setting
Samurai Helmet – Complete Arcade mode with every character on Deadliest difficulty setting

Deadliest Warrior: Legends
Sun Tzu Costume – On Deadliest difficulty, complete Arcade mode with every character
Sun Tzu Helmet – On any difficulty, complete Arcade mode with any character


Deadlight T-Shirt – Complete the game
Hand Hat – Find the highway billboard
Skull Hat – Unlock 100 percent of the game

Dead to Rights: Retribution
GAC Armor – Complete the game on Officer difficulty or higher
GAC Helmet – In one level, get 30 headshots on Officer difficulty or higher
GCPD T-Shirt – Finish a level without firing one shot
Jack and Shadow T-Shirt – Achieve 20 Jack and Shadow kills on any level
Retribution T-Shirt – In the first mission, protect all of the hostages

Dragon Hatchling – Complete Ms. Heybenstance's quest to save her dragon
Unicorn Poop T-Shirt – Kill the twin dragons guarding the artifact

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue
DeathSpank Libre T-Shirt – Obtain the Obque guards' secret password
Gingerbread Avatar Pet – Defeat the Ultimate Cookie in the Jungle zone

Deca Sports Freedom
Deca Sports Freedom Special Wear – Achieve a 20-hit rally
Deca Sports T-Shirt – Enter sudden death in any game
Hashiskue T-Shirt – Say "Hudson" into the Kinect microphone in the Locker Room

Destination: Arcade
Dragon Pet – Find the dragon in the arcade
Hoodie – Check out Destination: Arcade

Diabolical Pitch

Baseball Jersey – Finish World 1
Colored Shoes – Finish World 3
Tiger Hoodie – Finish World 5

Dirt 3
Racing Boots – Raise your fan level to 12
Racing Gloves – Raise your fan level to 24
Racing Helmet – Complete the second season
Racing Outfit – Complete the first season

Disneyland Adventures

Wizard Mickey Hat – Unlock the Happiest Place on Earth achievement

Doom II: Hell on Earth
Marine Suit – Finish No Rest for the Living
Doom II T-Shirt – Finish any level

Dragon's Lair
Dirk the Daring Helmet – Complete the game
Dragon's Lair T-Shirt – Purchase the game
Dragon's Lair Adventure T-Shirt – Unlock the secret achievement

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Jet Pack – Finish the game
T-Shirt – Complete any level

Dungeon Fighter LIVE
Bracelet – Reach level 20
Goblin Mask – Complete the first quest
Slayer 8-Bit T-Shirt – Finish the final dungeon in under 45 minutes with at least one co-op buddy

Dust: An Elysian Tail
Ahrah T-Shirt – Uncover the truth
Dust T-Shirt – Wake the glade
Fidget T-Shirt – Upgrade Fidget

Earthworm Jim HD
Earthworm Jim Shirt – Defeat Billy
Earthworm Jim Supersuit – Complete any bonus stage

Fable III
Crown – Become the king of Albion
Royal Boots – Win the support of the Dwellers
Royal Shirt – Win the support of Bowerstone
Royal Trousers – Win the support of the Swift Brigade

Fable Heroes

Fable T-Shirt – Finish Millfields
Jack of Blades Mask – Earn all of Jack of Blades' abilities

Fable: The Journey

Devourer Mask – Defeat the Devourer
Fable T-Shirt – Finish the game
Teresa's Blindfold – Meet Theresa

Fantastic Pets
Fantastic Pets T-Shirt – Reach Rank 2
Crocodile/Tiger Claws – Reach Rank 4
Crocodile/Tiger Shoes – Reach Rank 5
Horned/Eared Hat – Reach Rank 3

Fire Pro Wrestling

Leather Boots – Win every Campaign match
Wrestling Tights – Unlock every costume piece
Wrestling Mask – Win every Tutorial match

Forza 4
Autovista T-Shirt – Enter Autovista and examine any car fully
Forza Stopwatch Cap – Place in every Rivals mode race

From Dust
Tribal Mask – Download the complete version of the game

Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fruit Ninja T-Shirt – Equip a Sensei Swag Item
Sensei Garment – Complete five games in any mode
Sensei Pants – Finish three multiplayer games

Full House Poker
Black Hoodie – Level up once
Bulldog Mask – Level up to 50

Gears of War3

Horde T-Shirt – Unlock the Welcome to the Horde Achievement
Locust Mask – Unlock the Welcome to Beast Mode achievement
Marcus Do-Rag – Complete the campaign

Guardian Heroes
Guardian Heroes Helmet – In Arcade mode score 360 points
Guardian Heroes T-Shirt – Play Story mode and unlock 30 characters

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Demigod Helmet – Free the Demigod
Guitar Hero Shirt – Play One Song
Johnny's Jacket – Earn 1,500 Stars
Legendary Guitar – Obtain the Legendary Guitar
Soundgarden Shirt – Play Black Rain

The Gunstringer

Cowboy Hat – Kill the posse member with the largest hat
Cowboy Outfit 1 – Finish the game
Cowboy Outfit 2 – Kill the posse member in a poncho

Half Minute Hero
T-Shirt – After completing quest 3, complete 10 quests in under 30 seconds
Vest – After completing quest 3, complete any quest in under 30 seconds

Halo 4
Platinum Mark VI Helmet – Unlock the Wake Up, John achievement
Promethean Helmet – Unlock the Knight in White Assassination achievement
UNSC Hoodie – Unlock the Not Some Recruit Anymore achievement

Halo Waypoint
EVA Helmet – Achieve all career milestones
Monitor Pet – Start Halo Waypoint
ODST Armor – Unlock Halo 3: ODST's Good Samaritan achievement
ODST Helmet – Unlock Halo 3: ODST's Campaign achievement
ODST Hoodie – Unlock Halo 3: ODST's Dark Times achievement
ODST Shirt – Unlock Halo 3: ODST's Tourist achievement
Recon Helmet – Unlock Halo 3: ODST Vidmaster Endure achievement

Halo Reach
Carter's Helmet – Clear a campaign mission on Legendary difficulty without dying
Emile's Helmet – Earn a Bulltrue medal in multiplayer or Firefight matchmaking
Jorge's Helmet – Earn a Killtacular medal in multiplayer matchmaking
Jun's Helmet – Kill 100 enemies in a row without dying in campaign or Firefight
Kat's Helmet – Avenge a teammate's death in multiplayer matchmaking
Noble 6 Helmet – Available to attendees of 2010 Gamescom, PAX, or San Diego Comic-Con

Ghost Mask – Dodge five charged ghost attacks
Haunt Hoodie – Unlock the full game
Jeans – Kill each ghost type

Hole in the Wall

Blue Helmet – Win the USA show
Silver Tights – Win the Russia show
Silver Top – Win the China show

Home Run Stars

Home Run Starts Cap – Defeat Lucky Lee
Home Run Starts T-Shirt – Defeat Pistol Pete
Home Run Stars Pants – Defeat Cyclone Williams

Hydro Thunder Hurricane
Hydro Thunder T-Shirt – Earn 800 points from events
Toy Boat – Earn 18,5000 Points

Hydrophobia T-Shirt – Complete Act 2
Mavi Device – Complete Act 1

Ilomilo T-Shirt – Complete three levels
Ilo & Milo Pets – Unlock a full memory

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Shadow Planet T-Shirt – Reach the shadow planet
UFO Pet – Complete the campaign

Islands of Wakfu
Islands of Wakfu T-Shirt – Unlock the Chosen One achievement
Bird Pet – Unlock the Who's Who? achievement

Jet Set Radio

Spray Paint Bottle – Unlock Gum and Tab

Joe Danger: Special Edition

Cape of Destiny – Collect a second set of D.A.N.G.E.R.
Helmet of Power – Collect D.A.N.G.E.R.
Joe's Pants – Collect a third set of D.A.N.G.E.R.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie
Joe's Helmet & Goggles – Collect DANGER once
Joe's Jetpack & Uniform – Collect DANGER twice
Joe's Pants – Collect DANGER three times

Joy Ride
Aviator Goggles – Play each activity
Boss Hoodie – Race on All Tracks
Marathon Racer Suit – Play for 10 hours
Raven Jacket – Drive every vehicle
Smashing Helmet – Play each activity 10 times

Joy Ride Turbo
Cactus Hat – Win a race on all tracks
Joy Ride T-Shirt – Win a race
Victory Pants – Buy a car

Kinect Adventures
Adventurers Outfit – Participate in the Ultimate Treasure award ceremony
Gloves – Participate in the Treasure Grab award ceremony
Sunglasses – Participate in the Chasing the Sun award ceremony
Sweatband – Participate in the Gearing Up award ceremony
Watch & Band – Participate in the Winning Time award ceremony

Bengal Tiger T-Shirt – Visit The Glade
Cheetah T-Shirt – Visit La Selva
Leopard T-Shirt – Visit Cherry Blossom Grove
Lion T-Shirt – Visit Fiddler's Beach
Panther T-Shirt – Visit La Sun Mountain

Kinect Play Fit
Muscles T-Shirt – Unlock the 150k achievement
Muscles Pants – Unlock the Mt. Everest Relay achievement

Kinect Sports
I Love Kinect Sports T-Shirt – Secure the Champion Sports Badge
Kinect Sports Cap – Secure the Amateur Sports Badge
Kinect Sports Star T-Shirt – Secure the Master Sports Badge
Kinect Sports T-Shirt – Secure the Professional Sports Badge
Kinect Sports Trophy – Secure the Legendary Sports Badge

Kinect Sports: Season Two

Dart Hat – Reach fan rank 5
Football Hat – Reach fan rank 2
Golf Ball Cap – Reach fan rank 10

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Mercenary Outfit – Complete the game (different outfit for male and female avatars)

Lazy Raiders
Dr. Diggabone's Hat – Collect 16 relics
Dr. Giggabone's Outfit – Start the game

Left 4 Dead 2
Bull Shifters Shirt – Win 10 games in Verses
Depeche Mode Shirt – Hold and rescue Gnome Chompski from Dark Carnival
Gnome Pet – Play six mutations (requires The Passing DLC)
L4D2 Hat – Play any map in The Passing
L4D2 Shirt – Win 10 Scavenge games
Med Kit – Beat all five campaigns
Zombie Hand Shirt – Kill 10,000 infected

Limbo Pet – Beat the game
Limbo T-Shirt – Earn your first Limbo Achievement

Over the Top Hat – Play one song
Lady Gaga Shades – Earn 100 of every type of medal and 100,000 stars
Infinity Shades – Earn infinity on a song

Lips: I Love the 80s
Chillin' Blazer – In Relax, achieve a Big Bang rating
Devo Outfit – In Whip It, achieve a Big Bang rating

Lips: Party Classics
Biker Guy/Gal – In YMCA, perform all gestures and get a Big Bang rating
Teen Sensation – In I Think We are Alone Now, perform all gestures and earn a Big Bang rating

Magic: The Gathering 2012
Gideon Jura Character T-Shirt – Beat Karn in the campaign
Planeswalker Hat – Beat Kiora in the campaign
Planeswalker T-Shirt – Beat Chandra in the campaign

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers
Magic the Gathering Cards – Unlock all cards for six decks
Planeswalkers T-Shirt – Unlock all cards for three decks

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013
Breastplate – Reach Innistard
Garruk Helmet – Kill Garruk
Nicol Mask – Kill Nicol

Major League Baseball 2K10
2K Sports Jersey – Win a game in any mode
Bat and Ball – Hit 150 homers, or win the batting title in Franchise or My Player modes
Batting Helmet – Hit a grand slam
Evan Longoria Jersey – Win the best fielder award in Franchise or My Player modes
MLB 2K10 Jersey – In My Player, get called up to the Majors

Mars Rover Landing
Mars Rover Hat – Land with five stars five times
Mars Rover Shirt – Touchdown 10 times
Mars Rover Pants – Achieve five stars on entry five times

Mass Effect 3
N7 Helmet – Start a new game.
Omni-Blade – Melee kill 25 enemies

Creeper Baseball CapKill a creeper with an arrow
I Pork Chop Minecraft T-Shirt – Unlock a Cooked Pork Chop
Minecraft Watch – Play the game for 100 day/night cycles

Minute to Win It
Minute to Win It Bracelet – Obtain $3 million playing Show mode
Minute to Win It Hat – Obtain $1 million playing Show mode
Minute to Win It T-Shirt – Obtain $5 million playing Show mode

Monday Night Combat
Mascot Mask – Meet the mascot during the tutorial
Monday Night Combat Shirt – Complete Exhibition Blitz mode

Ms. Splosion Man
Ms. Splosion Man Mask – Buy it in the game's shop
Twisted Pixel Hoodie/Shirt – Buy it in the game's shop

MX vs. ATV Alive
Alive Uniform – Complete every level 1 race goal
Alive T-Shirt – Finish a race
Gold Helmet – Reach level 50

Orcs Must Die
Orcs Shirt – Complete Act 1
Orcs Skull Hat – Kill 1,000 orcs

Perfect Dark
Elvis Plushie – Beat the game and complete a special mission
Perfect Dark Shirt – Achieve a headshot

Pinball FX 2
Pinball FX 2 T-Shirt – Achieve 5,000 Wizard Score
Pinball FX 2 Wizard Robe/Sorceress Dress – Achieve 100,000 Wizard Score

Portal 2
Companion Cube – Complete the campaign
Portal 2 Hat – Survive Manual Override
Portal 2 Logo T-Shirt – Complete Portal 2's cooperative mode
Robots in Love T-Shirt – Hug three co-op friends
Turret T-Shirt – Complete the 10th Test Chamber in under 70 seconds

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Soccer Ball – Win a match
Soccer Jersey – Win 50 matches on Normal difficulty or higher

Prototype 2
Alex Mercer Costume – Unlocking method forthcoming
James Heller Costume – Unlocking method forthcoming
Monster Shield – Unlocking method forthcoming
Prototype Hoodie – Unlocking method forthcoming
Prototype T-Shirt – Unlocking method forthcoming

Radiant Silvergun
Battleship Pet – Play Story mode 20 times
Radiant Silvergun T-Shirt – Play Arcade mode 20 times

Giant Crown – Complete a mega-challenge in chapter 2
Radskulls T-Shirt – Complete a mega-challenge in chapter 1

Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking
Rabbids Mask – Unlocking method forthcoming
Rabbids T-Shirt – Unlocking method forthcoming
TV Mask – Unlocking method forthcoming

Retro City Rampage
Mullet – Earn gold in all Slaughter Spree Arcade Challenges
Pixel Pants – Finish story mode
Pleather Jacket – Buy the game

Red Dead Redemption
Gentleman's Attire/Ladies Finest – Complete the Skin It To Win Challenge in the Social Club
Rockstar T-Shirt – Find the hidden chest in Riley's Charge
Sombrero – Shot an enemy's hat off without killing them
Red Dead T-Shirt – Open the chest in the Marston household's attic

Renegade Ops

Renegade Ops Long Sleeve Shirt – Battle the helicopter in single player

Risk: Factions
Risk T-Shirt – Finish the game
Robot Head – Finish the game

Rock Band 3
Bass T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy bass (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Drum T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy drums (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Guitar T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy guitar (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Keyboard T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy keys (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Microphone T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy vocals (or 3 star on higher difficulties)

Saints Row: The Third

Gat Bank Robbery Mask – Complete The Heist mission
Saints Row: The Third T-Shirt – Unlock the Flash the Pan achievement
Saints Row Logo T-Shirt – Upload a character to the community site

Scrap Metal
R/C Car – Complete all single player missions
Scrap Metal T-Shirt – Complete your first race

Section 8: Prejudice
Gold Helmet – Unlock 46 stars or reach level 20
Section 8 T-Shirt – Complete the campaign's Answers stage

Sega Bass Fishing
Fishing Rod – Play the game for 10 hours
Sega Bass Fishing T-Shirt – Play the game for 5 hours

Sega Rally: Online Arcade

Racing Suit – Complete one Quick Race

Snoopy Flying Ace
Red Baron Avatar Outfit – Achieve the Flying Ace rank
Snoopy Avatar Shirt – Earn a medal on all missions

Sonic Adventure
Blue Sonic T-Shirt – Play for five hours
Sonic Shoes – Play for ten hours

Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Shoes – Log ten hours into any mode
Vintage Sonic T-Shirt – Log five hours into any mode

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
Sonic Costume – Finish the game
Sonic Mask – Collect all the rings in the Eggman fight

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
Dr. Eggman Top – Kill the final boss without taking damage
Dr. Eggman Pants – Kill the Sylvania boss without taking damage

Sonic Free Riders
E-10,000 G Shirt – Playing as E-10,000 G, finish first in every race
Jet Shirt – Playing as Jet, finish first in every race
Sonic Shirt – Playing as Sonic, finish first in every race
Sonic Free Riders Shirt – Watch all of the credits

Sonic Generations

Eggman Pants – Defeat all rival characters on Hard difficulty
Eggman Mask – Defeat the final Eggman on Hard difficulty
Eggman Top – Down all bosses on Hard difficulty

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Cartman's Hat – Complete one level
Kenny's Hoodie – Complete the campaign

South Park: Tenorman's Revenge
Cartman T-Shirt – Grief a player with all weapons
Ginger's Rule T-Shirt – Kill the first boss
Ultra Mega Man Helmet – Collect one of each Mega Man figures

Space Channel 5: Part 2
Morolian/Ulala Costumes – Play the game for 10 hours
Space Channel 5 T-Shirt – Play the game for 5 hours

Fedora – Finish the first stage
Helmet – Unlock a shortcut
Spelunky T-Shirt – Win 10 deathmatches

The Splatters

Logo T-Shirt – Earn the flip move
Die With Style T-Shirt – Earn the airstrike move
Splatter Mask – Earn the Ballistic move

'Splosion Man
Big Science Shirt/Dress – Complete the multiplayer campaign
'Splosion Man Shirt/Sweatshirt – Break any glass object

Star Raiders
Star Raiders T-Shirt – Obtain the Pilot Rank

Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy Prop – Beat Light World
Super Meat Boy T-Shirt – Unlocked through time spent in the game. Exact hours have not been nailed down yet

Alien Cap – Defeat any boss

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Hat – Realize all is not lost
Sherlock Holmes T-Shirt – Finish the game

Robot Cap – Complete the game
Torchlight T-Shirt – Defeat the Overseer

Toy Soldiers
Gas Mask – Complete the first level
Pickelhaube Hat – Finish the campaign

Toy Soldiers: Cold War
Cold War T-Shirt – Reach round 5 in Survival
Flight Jacket – Complete the Gatling Gun section in Tutorial
Mullet/Headband – Finish the first MIG wave in Tutorial

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
High Moon T-Shirt – Finish chapter 1
Megatron Helmet – Finish the game as Megatron
Optimus Prime Helmet – Finish the game as Prime

Trenched T-Shirt – Complete certification
Trenchie Pet – Gain control of Europe from the Northern Pylon

UFC Personal Trainer

Gloves – Earn 10 medals
Shorts – Earn 50 medals
Shirt – Earn 150 medals

Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon

Devil Baby Item – Find a baby in a level
Zombie T-Shirt – Reach level 60

Unbound Saga
Unbound Saga Comic Book Stack – Complete Story mode
Unbound Saga T-Shirt – Complete any episode

Voice Studio
Record Glasses – Finish the third track
Speakers – Finish the seventh track
Tin Can – Finish the first track
Voice Studio T-Shirt – Finish the fifth track

Voltron T-Shirt – Purchase the game and play it once

Warlords Helmet – Earn 22 coins in Time Attack
Warlords T-Shirt – Finish the game

Wipeout: In the Zone
Life Jacket – Enter a code
Safety Helmet – Enter a code

Wipeout 2

Black Vest – Finish episode 6
Snow Cap – Finish episode 8
Snow Cap 2 – Finish episode 10

A World of Keflings

Dragon – Become friends with the baby dragon in Ice Kingdom
Helmet – Talk to the Chief in the Ice Kingdom

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem
Worms Mayhem T-Shirt – Unlock any achievement
Worms T-Shirt – Find five Easter Eggs

Goblin Hoodie – Finish the game
Wreckateer Hoodie – Finish half of the game
Wreckateer T-Shirt – Finish the tutorial section

(Expired March 27)
Xbox Live Labs
Lab Coat – Complete the 30-minute test
Brain Helmet – Complete the hour-long test
Crazy Mad Scientist Hair – Complete the six-hour test

Yar's Revenge
Yar's T-Shirt – Complete the game

You Don't Know Jack

Bald-Headed Ski Mask – Play episode 58
Bill O'Brien Doll – Find the wrong answer in episode 73
Pants – Play episode 9
You Don't Know Jack T-Shirt – Play any episode

Zombie Driver HD
Red Skull Mask – Defeat the first boss

Zuma's Revenge
Tiki Outfit – Begin the game
Tiki Mask – Complete Adventure mode