Report: G4 To Be Reformatted, Name Change Possible

by Matt Helgeson on Sep 06, 2012 at 04:34 PM

The cable network, which was originally designed as a 24-hour video game station, has been moving away from its original format for some time. Now, reports have surfaced that G4 may receive a suave makeover -- with a name change for the network possible.

The entertainment industry bible Variety is reporting that NBCUniversal, which owns G4, is planning to rebrand the network, focusing on a more upscale, stylish format aimed at the "modern male." Variety says the format could be similar to the men's fashion and culture magazine GQ.

Since its inception, G4 has struggled to find an audience, though a few shows like its long-running video game/pop culture program Attack of the Show! and American Ninja Warrior have been successful. Recently, popular X-Play host Adam Sessler (and the G4 personality with the strongest ties to the game industry) parted ways with the network. It's not known if that parting has anything to do with the network's rebranding.

The network appointed a new general manager early in 2012, former NBC marketing executive Adam Stotsky.

While video games would likely remain a part of this new, lifestyle oriented approach, it appears that the network that was to be devoted to video games is moving farther away from its roots.

Source: Variety