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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Is Heroine's Final Game

by Tim Turi on Aug 31, 2012 at 05:05 PM

Update: New details have emerging regarding the new Final Fantasy game. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will give players more control over Lightning. She has has increased mobility, being able to jump as in FF XIII-2 and hang off ledges. She can also be moved during battle. When you start the game, there are only 13 days left on the Doomsday Clock before the world ends. There is a day and night cycle, with monsters attacks prevailing during the dark hours. The monster types shown include evil gorillas and skeleton warriors. A monorail connects the islands. The first island revealed is Luxuria, City of Light, which is bustling with people Lightning can interact with. The overall art direction is composed of art styles including gothic, mechanical, and fantasy.

The game arrives on 360 and PS3 in 2013.

Today during a press event at PAX Prime 2012, Square Enix announced the next game in the Final Fantasy universe. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII sees the return of Lightning, who was missing for most of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Lightning is once again the main character, and she'll explore more expansive environments than seen in FF XIII and FF XIII-2. These environments are spread across four different islands in the game. The battle system also incorporates character customization, but details are scarce.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will mark the end of the pink-haired heroine's saga, according to Square Enix.