Double Fine Announces iOS Game: Middle Manager Of Justice

by Kimberley Wallace on Aug 30, 2012 at 08:34 AM

Double Fine is now a player in the mobile market. Today, they announced a three-game partnership with Dracogen Inc.

The first game they're releasing is Middle Manger of Justice, a simulation game revolving around managing the superheroes. It's no easy task, as you're responsible for making sure your superheroes help the citizens and prevent crime. That means it's on your shoulders to build new facilities for the best training and make sure they have the best weapon upgrades possible. 

Superheroes are already a huge selling point, but Double Fine is making things easy on your wallet by having the game free on iOS.  

Still interested? We thought so, that's why we have a trailer to show off superhero management in all its glory. If you still want more information, you can check out Middle Manger of Justice's official site