The Art Of Journey Announced

by Matt Miller on Aug 28, 2012 at 12:30 PM

A new hardcover book will explore the artistic direction of the stunning downloadable game from thatgamecompany.

Journey was one of the most artistically sophisticated and nuanced game experiences of recent years, so it should come as no surprise that the developer is following up its game project with an art book that goes into more detail about the visual style of the game.

The PlayStation Blog helped announce the new book yesterday, which includes extensive in-process art from the game, including early production concepts not found in the final version. The Art of Journey will also include a fan-art section in response to the wealth of detailed and beautiful art the team has received from players of the game. Finally, in a particularly cool twist, the book will include scannable images within the book that connect up to the Daqri 4D smartphone and tablet app. By utilizing the system, readers can look at augmented reality 3D versions of those images on their display as they’re projected into real world spaces, like a table or desk.

The Art of Journey will release in September for an as yet unannounced price. Whether you’re interested in the art book or not, consider checking out the extended announcement video for the book below, which includes some fascinating insight into the way the game was created from the folks who built it. If you haven't yet played Journey, you may want to consider picking up the new Collector's Edition, which releases today. The game includes not only Journey, but also thatgamecompany's other excellent titles, Flow and Flower, plus some extras, all for under $30.