Lollipop Chainsaw Is Grasshopper's Most Successful Title Shipping Over 700,000 Units

by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 26, 2012 at 01:27 PM

It's important to note that 700,000 units shipped worldwide doesn't necessarily mean units sold, but it's an impressive number none-the-less. According to developer Grasshopper's CEO, Suda 51, it's the highest number of units the company as ever shipped.

The announcement of the game's success comes from the Lollipop Chainsaw Summer Appreciation Festival in Japan. As part of the festival Grasshopper also released a trailer for its next tile, Killer is Dead. The trailer has not made it to the Internet quite yet, but it apparently features an art style similar to Killer 7 and No More Heroes with a hero who carries a samurai sword in his right hand, and has a bionic left arm. Suda 51 promised that the game will have also have, "lots of hot girls."

[via Andriasang]