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Layoffs Hit PopCap Games

by Jim Reilly on Aug 21, 2012 at 10:39 AM

The makers of Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle and other hit titles let go 50 employees from its North American office in Seattle, Wash. The studio is also reevaluating the future of its office in Dubin, Ireland.

PopCap co-founder John Vechey published a letter outlining the reasons behind the cuts. "The change in consumer tastes requires us to reorganize our business and invest in new types of games on new platforms. It’s a completely different world from when we started," he said.

Vechey also says PopCap is still hiring and expects the studio to end the year at the same number of employees from the start of the year. "To stay in business, we need to manage costs, improve efficiency and maintain a profit," he explained. "We’ve been able to invest in creative new games like Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies because we had a high profit business. That business is challenged, and if we don’t adapt, we won’t be able to invest in new IP.

"That sounds harsh – but if we don’t stay in business, no more plants, zombies, jewels, frogs or worms."

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts acquired PopCap. Vechey says the layoffs were 100 percent made by PopCap and he was under no pressure to make cuts from EA.

Yesteryday, PopCap announced Plants vs. Zombies 2.