Online Multiplayer, New Character For Scott Pilgrim

by Joe Juba on Aug 20, 2012 at 09:59 AM

Update 2: Ubisoft says the download content is coming this fall. The original release date (August 19) was listed in error. More information will be made available closer to launch.


Update: Ubisoft said the content will be available on both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. More information is coming closer to launch.


The downloadable Scott Pilgrim game is awesome, but is missing one key component: Online multiplayer. That shortcoming is about to be fixed thanks to DLC on Xbox Live.

According to Major Nelson, the new add-on (which costs $5) is coming on August 19. Even without online multiplayer, the game was well-received, so expanding gamers' available allies beyond our couches can only help the experience, and will provide a great excuse to jump in and play through again. 

If you need another reason to fire up Scott Pilgrim, the new DLC also adds a new character: Wallace Wells. Wallace will be the second downloadable character (the first being Knives).

I love seeing DLC support for excellent games, even if they're two years old. The only lingering question is whether or not the PlayStation 3 version will see the same updates. That version came out first and received the Knives DLC before the 360 did, so it would be odd if PlayStation 3 owners were left in the dust.

We've reached out Ubisoft for clarification and will update this story if/when we get a comment.