Kongregate's Top Five Free Games: August 2012

by Jim Reilly on Aug 20, 2012 at 07:48 AM

We're back with Kongregate's top five picks for the month of August 2012. Below are links and descriptions to each title, written by Kongregate's very own Becca Stanis. Feel free to check them out and leave your thoughts in the comments below.


SAS3: Zombie Assault 3 (Pictured above)

SAS3 is definitely for zombie lovers and haters alike.  If you love them, that’s great!  You’ll be alone in a room with tons of them.  If you hate them, that’s pretty great too, since your objective is to blow them into itty bitty bits.  Though you start out with just your trusty Glock, you’ll unlock dozens of weapons as you level up and play on.  You’ll also benefit from some pretty awesome drops – from turrets to grenades, this game does not mess around.  Everyone who prefers to go solo can enjoy a robust single player mode, but this game really shines in multiplayer.  Grab up to three of your friends and annihilate the undead in one of three different modes.  It did wonders for our friendships - nothing builds togetherness like zombies!

Strike Force Heroes

Like team shooters?  You’ll like this one – it stands a head and shoulders above the rest.   What starts out looking like a fairly innocuous 2D platform shooter quickly turns out to be one of the deepest single player games on Kongregate.  Wait, single player?  Yep, you’ll be fighting against AI that’s actually decent!  But wait, there’s more!  Choose between campaign, challenge, and quick match modes and you’ll find yourself completing levels in jungles, on airplanes, and in other places where firefights are highly unlikely, but totally awesome.  On top of that, you can level up each of four classes, with their own strengths, weaknesses, and weapons.  You can even switch classes in the middle of battle, so it really pays to share the love amongst your characters.

Kingdoms CCG

One of our rising stars this month includes this brand new fantasy card game.  Start out building your deck in a campaign mode containing six full chapters, each one dedicated to one of the six factions in the game.  Complete quests to upgrade your hero, and as you slice your ways through foes, you’ll collect a full assortment of creatures and spells to fill your arsenal.  The battle system is very sleek, and includes an interesting obstacle – you won’t be able to immediately replace your fallen comrades, as their corpses remain on the field for one turn.  Don’t worry, though – where there are corpses, there’s also necromancy!  While you work on beating the 60 campaign levels, you can also try your hand at live PvP.  Get ready to be one of the first players to experience guilds, which are coming within the next three weeks.  A full-fledged tournament system is on its way shortly after that!

Hanna in a Choppa 2

If you play one game on Kongregate, it should be this.  Don’t be fooled by the simple graphics and color scheme – this game packs in a lot of content, as well as staggering amounts of fun.  Guide Hanna’s many aircraft through tons of tricky levels.  Solve ingenious puzzles, carefully guide your craft through fields of exploding mushrooms, and test your skills of observation by finding each level’s secret.  No two levels are the same, but in every level you’ll have the opportunity to achieve perfect accuracy, speed, and more.  Just make sure you know the difference between a winch, a wrench, and a wench – you’ll need it!

Deadly Neighbors 2

Benjamin Franklin said that good fences make good neighbors.  This game just proves that assault rifles make even better ones!  Put together a family of killing machines and send them out to battle with the folks next door.  Choose from a number of classes, each with their own upgrades available – but choose your upgrades carefully as you progress.  You won’t be able to upgrade each family member fully, so this game is much more about strategy than it is about leveling up until you can instantly clobber everything in sight.  Once you dominate the block, you’ll be pitted against another player’s family for the final win.  What’s more, your own family will be used to challenge others, so be as fiendish as you can.  You’ll be able to unlock more classes over time, resulting in endless combinations and, in our case, a pretty hefty addiction.

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