New Paragon System Coming To Diablo III

by Kimberley Wallace on Aug 20, 2012 at 10:59 AM

Have you capped out at level 60 in Diablo III? Looking for some motivation to keep clicking besides rare item drops? Thankfully, the Paragon System, which will be introduced in patch 1.0.4. is here to remedy that.

Once you reach level 60, any extra experience you earn goes towards new Paragon levels. Each of these 100 levels rewards you with basic stat increases, such as strength, intelligence, etc. The amount of experience required to gain the first Paragon level is on par with the points required to level from 59 to 60. Levels also provide an extra 3% Magic Find and Gold Find.

In addition, your character’s portrait gains a special border around its in-game party frame to draw attention to your achievements in the Paragon levels. Every 10 levels gains you a new distinct frame, and your Paragon level progress is displayed right along with your normal level for bragging rights.

In support of the Paragon levels, Nephalem Valor gives an extra 15% experience bonus per stack, which also applies to Paragon levels.  Everything considered, Blizzard is comparing the time investment of the higher levels to reaching level 99 in Diablo II.

What about that Magic Find issue? Both Magic Find and Gold Find are getting 300% caps (before Nephalem Valor, of course). This means as you progress your Paragon levels, you won’t need to depend on gear swapping for Magic Find bonuses anymore. The option isn’t being taken away, but it’s being tweaked. 

For more information, check out the Blizzard's blog.