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Weekend Warrior 8/17/12

by Jack Gardner on Aug 17, 2012 at 02:00 PM

Many people were out of the office this week to cover Gamescom. Those of us left behind will use the weekend to go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, play some of the Summer’s new releases, and revisit some great old titles.  

Josh Straub: Minnesota Renaissance Festival. 'Nuff said.

Ben Reeves: Vegas baby! Oh, that was last weekend. I guess this weekend I'll take it easy. I'm busy playing Darksiders II and New Super Mario Bros. 2, and I finally caught up on Breaking Bad, so I'm looking forward to this weekend's episode. 

Kim Wallace: I’ve decided I want to play something scary this weekend. Some of you gave me recommendations on Twitter, saying that Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Slender are my best bets. We’ll see if they can make me shake in my little Converses. Points, if you guess what movie I’m referencing with that last line. (Hint: replace Converses with another type of footwear.)

Dan Ryckert: Heading to LA for Summerslam!

Ali Rapp: My sister, her husband, and her baby bump are visiting Minnesota this weekend, so I'll be hanging out with them on Saturday. And apparently on Sunday, my partner is taking me on a super secret surprise date. Wahoo! I hope it includes some Borderlands co-op. I'm playing as Lilith. Phasewalk is the best thing.

Jack Gardner: I’ll be eating delicious Indian food and going to the Renaissance Festival with friends. On the gaming side of things, I’ll be finishing Enslaved and delving into Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Also, I’m still trying to find time to go see The Dark Knight Rises… (hangs head in nerd shame).