Seen At Classic Gaming Expo 2012

by Ben Reeves on Aug 12, 2012 at 04:00 PM

Every year the Classic Gaming Expo sets up shop in Las Vegas. The conference just closed its doors for another year, and its exhibitors are busy packing up their wares, but you can check out some of the expo's highlights in our media gallery.

No fancy greeting at the CGE

A row of classic arcade games line the back wall of the hall. They were all free to play

There are a lot of games for sale at CGE. Here's one about history. It's for adults, probably because children find history boring

The marketing team behind this game may not have know what game they were trying to sell

Artists like 8-bit Weapon kept jammin' throughout the show

Part of the CGE Auction held Saturday night. Some of the proceeds went towards the Video Game History Museum

A view of the expo hall. It's not as glitzy as E3 or sprawling at GamesCom, but it's heaven for a retro gaming fan

Our friend Wreck-It Ralph made it to the party. Fans lined up to play his game. The rest of the arcade games resent him and call him a poser

A shot of the Video Game History Museum's set-up the morning before fans got a chance to wander around. All of the following shots are taken from their collection

Pong never really caught on with animals for some reason

Board games based on arcade classics

A Japanese Atari 2800

The Game Gear had a diverse collection of game box art

Meh, this poster is okay; I'd probably give it a 5.75 out of 10

Seaman of the Sea. We don't know where this came from, but it tasted like sarcasm

If you think diet programs are a new fad take a look at this. Judging from the mustache on the packaging this came out in the '80s ('81 in fact)

Tell us how to love Nintendo

What a unique and fun looking character

One of the designers behind these packages actually knew what basketball was, the other one got picked on a lot in school