David Jaffe Sounds Off On Twisted Metal's Future

by Jim Reilly on Jul 31, 2012 at 07:38 AM

Game designer David Jaffe took to his blog to give his thoughts on the future of the Twisted Metal series. He said he has no plans to work on a new game in the series anytime soon and is unable to comment what Sony plans to do, either.

Regarding sales of the latest PlayStation 3 version, Jaffe says, "it sold fine. Not a dud, not a hit."  He also says if he did return to Twisted Metal, he'd like to do a smaller, download title. "We would find an art style that fits the game but allows us to keep the budget down," he says. "Or we'd go photo real but just accept we're not going to compete with current gen visuals and budget/charge accordingly."

Jaffe announced he was leaving developer Eat Sleep Play in February to open a new game studio in San Diego, Calif. where he will begin work a on free-to-play title. Head over to Jaffe's blog below for more.

[Source: David Jaffe]