Capcom: Dragon's Dogma 'Struggled Abroad'

by Jim Reilly on Jul 30, 2012 at 07:38 AM

Capcom said Dragon's Dogma still managed to ship over 1 million copies despite not having huge success outside of Japan.

In the company's latest quarterly earnings report, it said, "In this business segment, Dragon’s Dogma, the first large-scale open world game for Capcom, struggled abroad, but its popularity in the more profitable domestic market exceeded expectations..." During its launch month in May, Dragon's Dogma only sold 92,000 units. A sequel seems likely at this point as Capcom said Dragon's Dogma is being turned into a franchise.

Additionally, Capcom said it shipped an additional 450,000 units of Resident Evil: Raccoon City for the quarter to retailers, bringing the total worldwide number to 2.1 million copies.