Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior 7/27/12

by Josh Straub on Jul 27, 2012 at 02:00 PM


We here at GI are honoring the opening of the 2012 Olympics with our own individual gamer Olympics.

Josh Straub: In addition to going to see The Dark Knight Rises I will also be revisiting some of last year's greatest hits: Star Fox 64 3D, Twisted Metal, and Uncharted 3. Oh and I'll also be watching a little thing called the Olympics. Does that make me old fashioned?

Ali Rapp: This weekend, I'll be tutoring, editing a massive paper, and hosting a birthday party for Harry Potter (don't judge me!), so I won't have much time for games. I do hope to fit in some Skyrim, though. I recently got my conjuration up to level 100, and with the ability to cast two Dremora Lords at once, I'm pretty much invincible. I've also been neglecting Okami…

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I plan to continue playing Rainbow Moon, and might pick up Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood again. There’s a good chance I’ll also get sucked into some more Minecraft, and I have a date to play more Borderlands with Jeff Cork and Bryan. Borderlands dates are the best dates.

Tim Turi: Unfortunately I’ll have to put my Final Fantasy VI playthrough on hold this weekend because I’m going camping. However, I’m smuggling my 3DS along. I’m thinking I’ll continue to work on the post-game stuff for Super Mario 3D Land, because I want to finish that up entirely before New Super Mario Bros. 2 arrives.

Andy McNamara: Between bikes rides, Pinball Fx (I must beat Cork's scores!), and a Twin's game, I plan on trying to finish up Quantum Conundrum. If I manage to pull off that feat, then I need to finish up my Dawnguard playthrough in preparation for DarkSiders II. Also will be tending my Castle Age army whenever my phone beeps at me to do more questing.

Kyle Hilliard: This weekend will probably be devoted to a review game, even though I would like to give the new Kingdom Hearts a go and play some more of the Prince of Persia HD collection. My sister has been interning at the Illusion Theater and they are putting on a production written by Bill Corbett of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fame, so I will be checking that out tonight. I’m also well overdue for a second Dark Knight screening at the local IMAX.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I have very few plans and I think that I need to make the most of it by planning a weekend of gaming. I’m going to start out by going back to Diablo 3, you know, just for an hour or two. Then I’m transitioning over to Resident Evil: Revelations thanks to Tim Turi and his Circle Pad Pro. Every fiber of my being wants to play more Xenoblade, but I’m stuck on a boss near the end of the game and I’m scared of wasting precious gaming hours on a combat treadmill. I also have a hankering for Starcraft 2, so I’ll see who I can recruit for a game. I’m looking at Ben Reeves and Dan Ryckert, but they have lives or something.