Quantum Conundrum DLC Announced

by Jim Reilly on Jul 24, 2012 at 08:35 AM

Square Enix announced two new puzzle packs for Quantum Conundrum:  The Desmond Debacle and IKE-aramba!.

The Desmond Debacle releases onJuly 31 on Steam for $2.99; August 14 on PSN for $2.99; and August 15 for Xbox Live for 240 Microsoft Points. IKE-aramba! is out August 28 on Steam for $2.99; September 11 on PSN for $2.99; and September 12 for Xbox Live for 240 Microsoft Points.

If you purchased the season pass on Steam you'll get both packs for free. Below is a description of each map per Square Enix:

The Desmond Debacle

In The Desmond Debacle, the first puzzle pack, gamers will power up the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device for a brand new adventure deep in an unexplored wing of the labyrinthine Quadwrangle Manor. Old friend Desmond, the drinking bird, offers up even more brain-twisting and complex puzzles for hours of inter-dimensional puzzle solving.


In IKE-aramba!, the second puzzle pack, gamers are charged with rescue duty once again, but instead of a missing uncle, this time the victim is IKE (Interdimensional Kinetic Entity)! In this all-new adventure, players will have to rescue IKE and leap seemingly endless chasms while traveling through a newly discovered  wing of Quadwrangle Manor.