Team GIO: Raising Money For Children In Need

by Jack Gardner on Jul 23, 2012 at 01:30 PM

A group of Game Informer Online community members, along with some of the staff, have managed to raise a bit of money to help sick kids.

Extra Life is an organization dedicated to the memory of Tori, a sick child who lost her battle to lymphoblastic leukemia in 2008. The general idea is that gamers get together and raise money by getting people to sponsor a 24-hour video game marathon beginning at 8AM on October 20. Essentially, gamers raise money to do what they love doing to help children in need. 

All the money raised during Extra Life goes to Children’s Miracle Network an organization that helps treat, rehabilitate, and comfort sick and injured kids. The best part about this? Participants can select a specific hospital affiliated with Children’s Miracle Network to receive the funds they raise. Not only are gamers helping kids in need by playing video games, but they are helping local kids in need by playing video games.

Over forty members of Game Informer Online have raised over $1,500 while doing Extra Life. That is over half of what the team raised last year and there are still about three months to go until the event. 

User Noobtubin8er, as well as other GIO community members, have gathered a number of prizes that participants will be eligible to win a number of prizes that include full games, television seasons, gift cards, and signed copies of books. Also, for those of you familiar with the Super Replay, participants could win a copy of OverBlood signed by all of the Game Informer Editors that were on the now infamous replay of the game.

To be clear, though it is cool that our team is doing well, this isn't about how well our team is doing. It is about supporting children that are in need. Any sort of support, financial or otherwise, is appreciated. Join Team GIO and help local kids get better.

(Join the Game Informer Team GIO group and participate in the forums, learn more about Extra Life, and learn more about Children’s Miracle Network