Weekend Warrior 7/20/12

by Ali Rapp on Jul 20, 2012 at 02:00 PM

This weekend, we're going to see The Dark Knight Rises. Then, after that, maybe we'll go see The Dark Knight Rises. Then on Sunday, we'll probably watch The Dark Knight Rises. Batman!

I suppose we'll play some games, too.

Kyle Hilliard: I saw Dark Knight Rises last night, and I want to see it again in IMAX, so that’s a goal. I would also like to catch up on the sleep I lost by going to a midnight show, something I’m not very optimistic about happening. As far as video games go, I’m having a pretty good time with Tony Hawk HD, and I started playing Spec Ops: The Line, so I would like to keep making my way through that.

Jeff Marchiafava: My progress in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood has been completely sidetracked by Rainbow Moon, a fun, downloadable tactical RPG on PSN. I’ve never been a huge tactics fan, and my strategy usually boils down to “hit that monster with the pointy thing in your hand!” but I’ve been enjoying my time with the game. I’ll probably also spend some time playing Pinball FX 2, as Jeff Cork has been on a bender beating the high scores of GI editors.

Joe Juba: I went out and bought a Wii classic controller and some Wii points card, so I'm hoping to spend my weekend with some old SNES classics. Maybe I'll even get to Cave Story (finally)…or maybe I'll just play Super Metroid again.

Ali Rapp: I'm hosting company all weekend, so I won't really be able to play anything until Sunday night. After some Okami and Dawnguard (I miss them so much, you guys), I'd like to get back to Pottermore. The first four chapters of Chamber of Secrets recently went up, and, being a ridiculously humongous Harry Potter fan, I'm psyched.

Tim Turi: This weekend I’m going to be playing a ton of Final Fantasy VI and watching The Dark Knight Rises. In FFVI, I’ll be traversing the floating content and transitioning into the World of Ruin. I’m so excited to see what the game has in store for me after all these dragons and behemoths stop handing me my own rear end.