Noob Saibot Joins Syco's Rapidly Expanding Statue Line

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 17, 2012 at 09:00 AM

Update: Syco released painted prototype pictures of this highly anticipated statue. Syco adds "an exclusive version of Noob Saibot will feature his shadowy clone standing next to him in an original base. The base will present a unique design (much like Motaro's base) inspired by the Brotherhood of the Shadow itself."

Original Story: Standing back-to-back with his shadow clone, Noob Saibot is one of many new Mortal Kombat combatants to be added to Syco's incredible 10" polystone statue line. Other recent additions include Johnny Cage and Motaro. No release date or price have been given, but other statues in this line run between $129.99 and $164.99.