comic con 2012

Seen Inside Comic Con 2012

by Ben Reeves on Jul 15, 2012 at 02:18 PM

San Diego Comic Con 2012 is over, but if you didn't have the chance to come out to San Diego for yourself, check out our highlights from the week in this photo gallery.

We were going to buy one of these, but she told us they wouldn't work on water

Scooby Snacks taste like Barbie's head

For the super hero fan ready to give up on fashion entirely

This Orc came to the show looking for small children to devour, and to get Patrick Stewart's autograph

This car kept calling us Michael. What a dummy

This guy's superpower is that he slowly makes everyone look more attractive; he also makes you forget everything you did the night before and magically transports you to the alley behind Denny's

MythBusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman were turned into adorable hacky sacks by some all powerful wizard

And here's the all powerful wizard that did it. He was yelling, "You shall not pass...gas!" at everyone who entered. No one listened

Where's Waldo? Who cares! Where did Waldo find a girl with his fashion sense?

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Huh, we thought he'd be taller

Marvel was showing off the new Iron Man suit at their booth

We couldn't figure out if Hulk wanted a hug or was going to smash something, but then our older brother walked in and smashed him into pieces

Lois Lane has developed a terrible skin condition; she's also a bit of a horse face

Deadpool interrupted the Bruce Campbell signing at Activision's booth.

Link was just trying to make a little money until this terrible Bill Clinton cosplayer stole this thunder

He's a good driver, but he likes to stick his head out the window and he'll veer across three lanes of traffic if he sees a rabbit

Even Raiden had to stop and tweet about how cool it was to see the cast of The Vampire Diaries in person

They had a lot of these left because John Cena can't sell anything. This was a wrestling joke, but we assure you that we don't know anything about wrestling