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comic con 2012

Wreaking Havok With Borderlands 2's Game Changers

by Ben Reeves on Jul 13, 2012 at 01:17 PM

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We got some extended hands on time with Borderlands 2 at Comic Con 2012, and one of the game's coolest features is a group of new upgrades Gearbox are calling Game Changers. Here's how they changed our game.

As Axton leveled up, we began to explore his three diverse skill trees. Each one of Borderlands 2’s main characters has their own skill tree and each tree contains a couple special skills that Gearbox is calling Game Changers. These unique talents alter a character’s class skill in dramatic ways. For example, Axton’s class skill allows him to deploy an automatic turret that will fight by his side for a limited time, but this turret will gradually power-up as he unlocks more Game Changer skill sets.

One upgrade gives Axton’s turret a shield boosting its defense. Other upgrades allow Axton to deploy two turrets at once or throw his turret across a battlefield to more strategic locations. One upgrade actually turns the turret into a nuke – after deployment a large mushroom cloud vaporizes several enemies in the surrounding area; once the smoke cleared Axton’s turret spins to life ready to take care of the remaining enemies. Fortunately, all of these Game Changers can be stacked, so you can create a nuke turret that you throw across the battle field, or deploy to turrets with bubble shields.