Kinect-Powered Sesame Street TV Coming This Fall

by Jeff Cork on Jul 12, 2012 at 05:12 AM

Microsoft's announced its collaboration with the iconic educational show last October. The interactive show, called Kinect Sesame Street TV, was set for a spring release, but it was quietly delayed to this fall.

Microsoft is being cagey about how the game will be distributed, as well. One thing's for sure: It's not going to be exclusive to retail. "When I get asked how it's being released I can't answer that question in great detail, other than say that any way that you can get TV, this product will be released," says Microsoft Soho Studios' director of game design, Josh Atkins. "Any way that you can get TV" is sufficiently vague enough to open the door to just about anything. It certainly sounds as though the content could be distributed by cable providers on the 360 (via an app, a la Comcast's Xfinity TV) or PC. 

The video below shows off a bit of Kinect Sesame Street TV. Kids will be able to count along with Grover, Cookie Monster, and Elmo using their voices and gestures in what look like otherwise traditional episodes of the show. 


[Via CVG]