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This Week In Mobile 7/6/12

by Jack Gardner on Jul 06, 2012 at 10:00 AM

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In what will hopefully become a recurring feature, we round up of some of the most promising recent mobile releases for you to check out and enjoy.

Band Together

Backflip Studios


$0.99 (free for iPad 2 for a limited time)

Band Together is a puzzle platformer tasking you with the management of a group of sentient cardboard creatures called Bandies. You must successfully guide them through each level and help them avoid the traps laid by the Midge, the child running deadly experiments on the Bandies. The gorgeous art style is reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet.

Banzai Blade

Cartoon Network



Banzai Blade thrusts the player into the role of a cute ninja warrior who must run through an endless forest slaying evil and purifying shrines. The game plays like a mash-up of Fruit Ninja and Temple Run. As you keep running you will collect blossoms, which can be exchanged for upgraded armor, weapons, and other improvements. 

Cthulhu Saves The World

Zeboyd Games/TinkerHouse

Android, iOS


The humorous XBLA and Steam throwback to 16-bit RPGs makes its way over to mobile devices. The game places you in the shoes (tentacles?) of Cthulhu, a cosmic entity of chaos and destruction on a quest to become a true hero and reclaim his world-shattering powers. The humor is great and anyone who fondly remembers retro RPGs will enjoy Cthulhu Saves The World.

Dead Trigger

Madfinger Games

Android, iOS


Have you ever wished that you could fight zombies on the bus to work? How about on long flights? Or what about boring cross country road trips? Dead Trigger is your solution. Madfinger Games’ zombie slaying game is a pretty fun, yet standard affair. You have guns and there are zombies; you know the drill. What sets this game apart is that it looks nice, plays smoothly, and has in-game upgrades. It doesn’t do anything revolutionary, but what it does it does well.

Final Fantasy III

Square Enix

Android, iOS


By far one of the most expensive mobile apps on the market, Final Fantasy III is now available on Android as well as iOS. It is a faithful port of the 2006 remake of Final Fantasy III for the DS, with a bit of extra content thrown in. It plays well, looks great, and just might be worth your money if you never played the original or the remake. Recommended for people who like classic JRPGs.


Beautifun Games SL



Nihilumbra is one of the more interesting new releases for the iOS, as you control a piece of the Void named Born, who escapes his home and must evade the pursuing forces that aim to bring him back. As you travel to different areas you will be granted different colors to wield against the Void. Each color has different powers and effects. The visuals are beautiful and atmospheric, and are backed up by a strong story.

Squids Wild West

The Game Bakers

iOS (though it might be coming to Android soon)


Squids Wild West is a turn-based game featuring a cast of colorful cephalopods riding seahorses and having bubble shootouts in the underwater town of Seawood. It is casual enough for those who just want to play a game about cute squids, yet deep enough for those who enjoy turn-based strategy/RPG games. 

The Amazing Spider-Man


Android, iOS


It is always a pleasant surprise when a game that is a movie tie-in exceeds mediocre status. Gameloft’s mobile Spider-Man does something that few licensed titles have been able to do recently: Be good. Amazingly, the game plays remarkably well and isn’t just a crappy port of the rather lackluster console title. While sticking closely to the film’s storyline, players can sling around in a surprisingly good looking, open world New York and fight crime.

Unstoppable Fist

Ragtag Studio



An homage to ‘90s style beat ‘em ups, Unstoppable Fist has a lot of winks and references to older titles as well as a healthy dose of its own brand of humor. The combat plays simply, yet effectively and multiple difficulties add replay value. At $0.99 it is well worth the price. One complaint that many have is that the game becomes very hard on higher difficulties. You have been warned.

As an added bonus, Unstoppable Fist’s soundtrack can be downloaded for free here.