Minecraft PC Update Arrives Next Month

by Jim Reilly on Jul 05, 2012 at 12:28 PM

On August 1, Minecraft developer Mojang is releasing the largest update for the PC version of the game in quite some time.

One of the most notable added features in v1.3 is the merging of the singleplayer and multi-player modes. "There are two major benefits to this," the developer wrote on its blog. "First, it’s required for the modding api if we don’t want to have multiple implementations of every mod, and second, if we fix a bug in single-player, we know the bug is fixed in multi-player, too.

"Previously we had to fix bugs both in relation to single-player and multi-player."

The game is also getting a number of bug fixes, emeralds, emerald ore, a trading system, and the ability to write in books for other people to read.

You can read the full patch notes and update here.