Hitman Director Bummed By Low Game-Completion Rate

by Jeff Cork on Jun 27, 2012 at 05:12 AM

It seems as though the majority of players aren't finishing games, which is something that Hitman: Absolution's director says is sad.

The game's director, Tore Blystad, spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine about low game-completion rates. According to Blystad, only about 20 percent of players see a game through to the end. "It’s horrible to know. It makes the people working on it really really sad."

Blystad continued by saying that the knowledge that it's particularly upsetting considering that the game was built to be played through several times. “The general player will probably never even finish the game, which is very sad. Or they might only play through it once, but the game is built for the people who want to go back through every single level and get all the stuff out of it. It’s built to last, rather than be a one-off experience.”

What about you? Do you typically finish everything in a game before moving on to another?