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Eve Players Loot New In-Game System For Unheard-of Wealth, Troll Everyone

by Adam Biessener on Jun 22, 2012 at 01:30 PM

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Space MMORPG Eve Online's greatest feature is the freedom it gives to players to run the galaxy however they want. Sometimes, those players make us profoundly glad we don't play Eve seriously – though their exploits are fun to read about.

The infamous Goonswarm found a few holes in the newly revamped faction warfare in Eve, discovering ways to use throwaway alt accounts and manipulate markets to generate trillions of Eve's in-game currency for themselves. Developer CCP patched up the holes – which are more aptly described as "creative use of game mechanics" rather than "exploits" or "bugs" – as they became aware, but not before a few players earned enough in-game cash to buy $175,000 worth of game time codes (which CCP sells for in-game currency as well as real-life money).

"You have our condolences as we roll around in literal Scrooge McDuck towers full of your isk [in-game currency -Ed.]," Eve player Aryth writes. "Numerous publord superstars have taken massive losses as we slam buys to nothing, then erect gigantic, unassailable walls of sells at a price that ensures that any stock held by anyone is without value. This last part has mostly been done because we can."

Masterfully trolled, sir or madam. Masterfully trolled.

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