Curt Schilling 'Tapped Out' After 38 Studios Collapse

by Jim Reilly on Jun 22, 2012 at 06:36 AM

Former all-star pitcher and 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling says he lost all of the $50 million he invested in his company since it went bankrupt. In a new interview with Boston sports radio WEEI, Schilling says he's completely tapped out.

“Obviously, it’s been a challenging couple of months, and I couldn’t imagine this. But I’m not asking for sympathy," he said. "That was my choice. I chose to do this. I wanted to build this. I wanted to create the jobs and create something that had a very longstanding world-changing effect. We were close. We were close to getting there. It just fell apart.”

Schilling said one area he failed was not telling his employees about the studio's problems early on. "They didn’t deserve it. It was not how we ever did business. The employees were everything. That was what the company was and it was about, he said. "I always told everybody, if something were going to happen you’re going to have a month or two lead time. And I bombed on that one in epic fashion.”

Head over to WEEI's website below to read the full transcription.