Molyneux's Social Media Experiment

by Matthew Kato on Jun 11, 2012 at 04:36 AM

Ex-Lionhead developer Peter Molyneux is setting an ambitious path towards his first full-fledged game with new studio 22 Cans.

According to an article in NewScientist, in a few weeks Molyneux is starting the first in a series of 22 projects that are designed to give the studio feedback by exploring the psychology of social media uses. This data will then be applied to the developer's first game.

Curiosity is the first of these experiments, and it puts players in a room containing only a black cube. Players tap the cube to break through its layers, and everyone who is playing the game will all tap on the same cube. Because of this, only the person who registers the final tap (Molyneux isn't saying how many licks it will take to get to the middle of this Tootsie Pop) gets the fabulous prize hidden in the center.

Molyneux says that Curiosity will look at different aspects of social media. For example, as part of a monetization study within Curiosity, 22 Cans will sell chisels of varying strengths and prices – the best of which, a diamond chisel, will go for £50,000 (more than $77,000). Furthermore, Molyneux is interested how the player who registers the final chisel tap will actually prove it to the community. 

[via GameSpot]