e3 2012

New Tomb Raider Demo Shows Off Combat

by Matt Miller on Jun 06, 2012 at 06:43 AM

Update: New screenshots and a trailer show off the harrowing combat system and cinematic moments.

Original Story: Early glimpses of Tomb Raider largely showed off small sections of exploration-focused gameplay. The new demo is different, finally revealing Lara in battle with some of the human scavengers that populate the mysterious island on which she has been shipwrecked. 

We start out seeing Lara as she sneaks up on some enemies and stealthily takes them out with her bow. Eventually, they see her, and one the remaining baddies starts firing back. 

A furious fight ensues that ends with Lara pushing the man off a cliff. 

A few crazy jumps and zip lines later, she ends up in some combat using a shotgun, taking down one enemy after another. The batttle flows seamlessly into a thrilling action sequence that has Lara thrown into a roaring whitewater river. After several terrifying moments in the river, Lara is thrown down a waterfall and lands in the bomber pit of an old World War II bomber. The glass begins to crack; Lara grabs a parachute just as the glass breaks beneath her. She tumbles through the air and opens the chute, but it doesn't seem to work. Opening the reserve chute just in time, Lara begins to soar through the canopy of a high pine forest. She lands at the base of a cliff populated by a number of strange-looking Asian buildings.

The new Tomb Raider trailer shows off nearly constant action. While it's pretty ridiculous how much punishment Lara seems to take, it makes for a thrilling ride. 

The Tomb Raider presentation ended with a claim that the game will be coming first to the 360 when it releases on March 5th, 2013. Watch for lots more details about Tomb Raider later this week.