Game Informer Goes iPad

by Andy McNamara on Jun 01, 2012 at 08:19 AM

With the release of the upcoming July issue next Monday that features the next entry in the Gears of War series, Game Informer is releasing our first digital issue that fully supports iPad.

As part of Apple's newsstand, you can instantly buy single issues ($4.99 each) or purchase a 12-issue subscription for $19.99. Already a digital subscriber? You get the tablet edition for free as part of your browser subscription. Power-Up Pro members and other current Game Informer Digital subscribers just need to download the app, log in using their account (click the My Account button in the top right corner), and go. This account uses the email that you supplied when you purchased your digital subscription. If you need help logging in, try this FAQ.

If interested, you can switch your print subscription to a digital subscription here. If you wish to subscribe to Game Informer Digital to receive both the browser and the tablet edition, head here

Click here to head to iTunes to pick it up the app RIGHT NOW. It's free and it includes a demo/beta/mini-version of our April issue featuring the entire Assassin's Creed III cover story for your enjoyment. UPDATE: Full issues are now available.

The next big question: Where is Android? We are currently working on getting this issue out for Android as well, and all interactions and pricing will work the same as described above. UPDATE: Android is now available click here.

And one last note: print subscriptions and issues are not going away anytime soon so if you love the printed word (like us) no need to post nasty comments below as we have you covered.

Game Informer iPad Highlights

* Embedded movies that you can watch anywhere, plus access to tons of movies online that you can watch from inside the app.

* Links to additional information online that can be viewed inside the app.

* Interactive screenshot galleries and information kiosks (our first issue features monster galleries for Gears of War, interactive E3 Bingo, and an armory for Darksider II's Death).

* All the information of the print edition redesigned for ease of use on tablet.

* Retina display support.

This is just our first issue, but we have lots of ideas in the works to make Game Informer Digital a fun and interactive way to read your favorite magazine.

Check it out!

Head to the store to pick up the free app and demo here.

Only one option is available now (I already downloaded the demo), but as new issues come out this will fill with magazines you can view and archive.

This God of War: Ascension preview from the upcoming issue lets you watch a movie by clicking on the play button...

...or expand the screenshot for a better view.

Download the demo/beta, play with it over the weekend, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Then make sure to come back on Monday for a full featured edition featuring the new Gears of War (or even better, enable push notifications and we will let you know on your iPad when it's ready for download).