Divinity Series Returns To Roots With Original Sin

by Tim Turi on May 29, 2012 at 10:17 AM

The next game in Larian Studios’ Divinity series is Divinity: Original Sin. Coming to PCs and Macs in 2013, the game is going back to the franchises’ RPG roots while incorporating new features like fully interactive environments and a new level editor.

The game is a blend of Diablo, Skyrim, and table-top RPGs. The view is top-down, the action is turn-based, and there is a reputation system barring you from stealing everything you see willy nilly. The combat appears to facilitate deep strategy. At one point in the video the two characters lay ice down beneath their enemies, melt it into water using fire, and then electrify it to dispatch the foes. Other features include co-op and group-based decisions that will affect the story.

Check out the video below for a presentation from the folks over at Larian Studios in Belgium: