Sony Patent Will Pause Your Game To Show You Ads

by Kyle Hilliard on May 25, 2012 at 04:22 AM

A Sony patent has appeared online showing a advertising method that will interrupt your game in the most invasive way possible.

The patent shows illustrations of a car racing against other cars, some warning lights (or loud speaker blaring, I'm not entirely sure), and then the game pauses and shows an ad for the tastiest looking soda you have ever seen. It's literally the best brand. Thankfully, your game resumes. It may even rewind to return you to your original position before you were teased with that tasty can of soda.

Remember when we complained about billboards showing ads in racing games, or that one random Subway sandwich shop in Infamous 2? I don't feel like those are so bad anymore.

You can click here to download the full patent with all its wonderful illustrations.


[via NeoGAF]