Monkey Paw To Bring Tomba To PSN

by Matt Helgeson on May 23, 2012 at 10:42 AM

MonkeyPaw Games, which specializes in releasing classic games on digital platforms like PSN and XBLA, intends to port Sony's classic Tomba! to PlayStation Network.

In an interview with Joystiq, MonkeyPaw CEO John Greiner revealed that the company had purchased the rights to bring the game to the PSN Classics series from Sony and original developer Whoopee Camp. Sony originally published the game on the original PlayStation, and Whoopee Camp (founded by Ghosts 'n Goblins creator Tokuro Fujiwara) developed the game.

Greiner said the company would also consider bringing the game's sequel, Tomba! 2, to PSN, but all parties would wait to see how well Tomba! sells before making that decision.

Here's an anecdote for you: When I first started at Game Informer, myself and former editor Jay Fitzloff (who now works on Darksiders II at Vigil Games) had to do a last-minute Tomba! 2 strategy guide to fill the issue we were working on. We ended up working for 36 hour straight with no sleep. We drank a lot of Mountain Dew.