THQ Prepping Next-Gen Launch Titles

by Jim Reilly on May 15, 2012 at 12:14 PM

THQ might be going through some financial troubles right now, but that hasn't stopped the publisher from thinking about the next-generation of consoles.

CEO Brian Farrell said on an earnings call this afternoon that THQ is aiming to create new as well as current franchises for the next-generation. "A key part of our strategy is to build franchises for the next generation of consoles at or shortly after they are launched," Farrell said.

"We have promising new games that are positioned well for introduction early in the next cycle. We also have several franchises that we can continue to build from the current to the next-generation."

THQ wouldn't say what titles are potentially coming or when the new consoles will launch. Some possible titles include: Homefront 2, a new Saints Row, inSANE, and the project from Patrice Desilets.