Carmageddon Returns Through Kickstarter

by Jim Reilly on May 08, 2012 at 06:31 AM

Stainless Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Carmageddon: Reincarnation, a reboot of the classic PC driving game.

“Raising the funds through Kickstarter will mean that we keep complete control of the project and can make the game we know everyone wants to play – with no EVIL corporate investor or publisher telling us that we can’t run over old ladies or set fire to cows,” said Patrick Buckland, founder and CEO of Stainless Games.

The team is asking for a pledge goal of $400,000 and offers various rewards for donations, including your own character skin in the game! Stainless hopes to have Carmageddon: Reincarnation complete by February 2013.

Check out the Kickstarter page here.