Twisted Metal Creator Hints At Next Project

by Kyle Hilliard on May 06, 2012 at 08:30 AM

Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe offered a few hints about his next game and it may feature at least one gun.

In an interview with IGN, Jaffe commented on first-person shooters saying that he is a fan, but that the genre has grown stale over the last few years. "I love the genre, but I feel it has been allowed to go a little -- well, actually, quite a lot -- stale when it comes to moment to moment mechanics," said Jaffe.

Jaffe added that he has been throwing around a lot of different ideas for games, and has narrowed them down to a few that he would like to pursue. Jaffe said, "there is a gun in [one of the games] and you hold it. And all the things that I can sit here and passionately discuss and preach to you are absolutely things that I'm thinking about doing if it turns out the game we're thinking about doing gets made next involves a gun and a person holding a gun."

It's all very ambiguous, and offers no real indication of what Jaffe is working on, but it sounds like he would like to do a shooter if given the opportunity. It wouldn't be the first time Jaffe worked on a first-person shooter. After the release of God of War, Jaffe began working on a first-person shooter for the PSP called Heartland. That project was unfortunately cancelled before releasing.

[via IGN]