MLB 2K12’s Perfect Game Challenge Ends In Controversy

by Ben Reeves on May 04, 2012 at 03:59 PM

Everyone wants to be a millionaire. 2K Sports MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Challenge offered players just that. But was the contest fair?

2K’s contest stipulated that contestants of the $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge must use real-world matchups being played during the contest. Players were provided a lineup via MLB 2K12's "MLB Today" feature, but some people claim that there was an exploit that allowed users to make the contest easier and skew the contest in their favor.

2K Sports has a contest algorithm that scores every perfect game based on a number of factors. If players use a weaker pitcher to score a perfect game against a strong team, their game is ranked higher. 

But according to a recent Kotaku article, some players altered the batting lineup of opposing teams in order to make pitching a perfect game easier. A work around that may not have factored into 2K’s scoring algorithm.

The game's official rules only forbid substituting a player’s own pitcher, but some feel that this work around is a little dishonest.

We've reached out to 2K Games for a comment. Who knows how this might affect the winners, or how future contest will be regulated.