Vanillaware's Grand Knights History Canceled

by Matthew Kato on May 02, 2012 at 05:17 AM

It's gotta be mean streets for a PSP game these days, given the irrelevance of the platform. Apparently developer Vanillaware's Grand Knights History is the latest casualty.

Publisher XSEED has stopped localization of the game due to "development resources" not being available. The game, out already in Japan, was to be brought over here for an unspecified release.

The official statement from XSEED reads: "XSEED Games has confirmed it will not publish Grand Knights History in North America as previously announced. Unfortunately, it was determined that development resources required to localize the game were not available, necessitating its cancellation. We regret not being able to bring the game to our fans, but we are committed to our 2012 lineup and look forward to sharing more on these games in the coming weeks and months."

At least fans of Vanillaware's games can still look forward to Dragon's Crown for the PS3 and Vita.