Blizzard Details Diablo III Auction House Fees

by Matt Bertz on May 01, 2012 at 07:26 AM

Blizzard has revealed the cut it's taking out of every transaction. Will players find its demands reasonable?

If you're selling weapons, armor, accessories, or unique items using the in-game currency, Blizzard expects 15 percent of your profits. If you would rather receive real-world cash for the item, Blizzard will take $1.00 per transaction. With a minimum sale price of $1.25, that would net you a cool quarter. If you sell an item at the maximum value of $250, however, you get to keep $249.

When selling commodities like gems, dyes, or recipes, Blizzard takes 15 percent of the final transaction price regardless of whether you want in-game currency or real-world cash in return.

Once your transaction for real-world money is finalized, you can choose where to distribute your new funds. Electing to move the money into your Battle.net account accrues no additional fees. This balance can be applied toward other Auction House transactions or digital purchases of other Blizzard products. If you'd rather transfer the money into a PayPal account, Blizzard takes an additional 15-percent cut. That would turn your $249 into $211.65.

Do you think these transaction fees seem fair? To read more about how the Auction House works, check out the FAQ