Dragon's Lair Kinect For XBLA Has A Trailer And A Release Date

by Jeff Cork on Apr 28, 2012 at 09:25 AM

UPDATE: Dragon's Lair is coming to XBLA with Kinect support, and now there's a trailer to prove it.

It also has a release day of May 18, if the game's Xbox Live Arcade page is to be believed.


Yesterday, we reported that it looked as though Dragon's Lair was coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Now it's official. Players will be able to take control of hapless hero Dirk the Daring using Kinect, too.

According to Microsoft's Play XBLA blog, this is the first game on XBLA that will support both Kinect and controller-based inputs. Judging from the screen above, helpful icons will pop up when you need to react.

This is great news for fans of classic arcade games, or for folks who enjoy watching animated knights collapse into piles of bones over and over and over again.