What Really Happened To Free Radical

by Ben Reeves on Apr 27, 2012 at 03:52 PM

Curious to know the full story behind the canceled Star Wars Battlefront sequel? Free Radical Co-founder Steve Ellis recounts the decline of one of the UK’s best developers.

Earlier in the month, we got a peek at the Battlefront 3 game that never saw the light of day. Now Free Radical Co-founder Steve Ellis lays out the full story behind the game.

Speaking with GamesIndustry International, Ellis details how Free Radical went from releasing hit titles like TimeSplitters 1 and 2 to struggling through its development of Haze, and eventually talks about how Battlefront 3 got canceled.

“We were still at that time probably a year out from completing and releasing the first game and they asked us to sign up for the sequel,” recalled Ellis. “That was a big deal for us because it meant putting all our eggs in one basket. It was a critical decision - do we want to bet on LucasArts? And we chose to because things were going as well as they ever had. It was a project that looked like it would probably be the most successful thing we had ever done and they were asking us to make the sequel to it too. It seemed like a no-brainer.”

The full story is worth a read, and contains plenty of insight into the difficulties of game development.