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Weekend Warrior 04/20/12

by Ben Reeves on Apr 20, 2012 at 02:00 PM

The Witcher 2 finally made its way to consoles, so now we’re all finally figuring out why Adam was harping about it all last year. Also, Fez is fun.

Jeff Cork: I’ve been playing the Witcher 2 over the past few days, and I’m hoping to do a couple of marathon sessions this weekend. My main goal is to find Geralt a shirt. His back is a pretty nasty mess of scars and fresh wounds, and I’m getting less and less excited about looking at it. For a complete change of pace, I’m also going to try to fire up some Rock Band 3. It’s been more than a year since I last played it, and I’m curious to see if I’m still any good at expert-level guitar. My prediction: kind of.

Andy McNamara: I really want to play Witcher 2, but I'm still not done with Xenoblade Chronicles (which I am enjoying by the way), so I will continue to grind through Xeno. Otherwise, I have a couple bike rides planned, a multiplayer Gears of War 3 session on the schedule, and I'm sure I will take a couple breaks to continue my play through of Fez.

Ben Hanson: I want to keep making progress in Xenoblade but I fear the bottomless time-pit that is Trials Evolution. I downloaded the game last night and it consumed my soul. Other than those two, I have gone back to the remake of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and am still madly in love with it. Have a good weekend!

Matthew Kato: Going to be playing Trials Evolution this weekend. The only reason I probably won't be throwing my controller is that I don't have a backup.

Jeff Marchiafava: My game time this weekend will be devoted primarily to downloadable games, thanks to Fez and Trials Evolution. Both offer nice bite-sized gaming experiences, which I appreciate after coming off of Mass Effect 3. Especially if I jump into The Witcher 2 one of these days…

Kyle Hilliard: I finished Mass Effect 3 last weekend, so I can finally move on with my life. I have chosen Fez as my next endeavour, with maybe some Trials Evolution sprinkled in for good measure. I have also been thinking really hard about tackling The Witcher 2, as well. My wife has first dibs on that one though, so I will have to wait until she gets to the second disc, and then I can start playing on the first.