Bethesda Lawyers After Fallout Fan Site

by Jim Reilly on Apr 17, 2012 at 12:25 PM

Erling Andersen loved Fallout so much he started his own website where he offered Fallout-style posters for fans to download for free. Bethesda did not appreciate this.

Andersen said he registered the domain name last December, only to have Bethesda lawyers contact him weeks later asking for the website to be taken down and for the website name to be handed over.

"Now, I’m not out looking for trouble. I set up the website out of pure 'fandom', and the last thing I wanted – or expected – was to be threatened with a lawsuit by Bethesda," Andersen wrote. "What pisses me off isn’t the fact that they’re looking out for their trademark – as they have every right to do so. What I’m pissed about are large companies abusing their monetary power, hiring global law firms to go after a fan online, immediately threating with a lawsuit.

"Had they had the slighest bit of PR-savyness, they would have shot me a quick personal mail asking me to remove the (supposed) infringing content – and preferrably sent me some nice Fallout-swag as a nice gesture (yes, I am that corrupt)."

Andersen has removed the posters from his website, but still remains the owner of the website name.

Game Informer has contacted Bethesda for comment.