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May Cover Revealed: Halo 4

by Matt Miller on Apr 05, 2012 at 06:01 AM

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We've seen a surprising amount of speculation this month about our May cover, with all sorts of different games being suggested. At long last, we can pull back the curtain on our world-exclusive look at Halo 4.

This 14-page cover story is stuffed full of details on the new game, including information on where the story is going, hands-on impressions of multiplayer, and intel on the surprising new approach governing every aspect of Halo's multiplayer experience. 

343 Industries also shared a wealth of in-game screenshots and concept art revealing new locations within the Halo universe. Take a look at the May cover image below. 

Now, get a glimpse of the new look for Halo's longtime character, Cortana, revealed on our back cover for the first time.

In addition to exclusive info on Halo 4,the May issue comes packed with six pages of new insight into the long awaited Guild Wars 2 MMO. Also keep an eye out for previews of Borderlands 2, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, SimCity, The Last Story, and more. 

Plus, get our final word on games like the 360 version of The Witcher 2 with our full review in advance of the game's release.

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Because we have more info on Halo 4 than we can fit into a 14-page cover story, we are rolling out new interviews and articles throughout the month with additional insight into the game and the new creators behind the franchise. To follow our coverage, bookmark, or just click on the banner below. We'll have new features every few days for the next month. To get a headstart, don't miss out our video interviews with 343 Industries from late last year, which you can find here and here