THQ's Turtle Rock Shooter Still Coming Along

by Jim Reilly on Mar 30, 2012 at 10:04 AM

THQ's recent financial troubles haven’t put an end to many of its current projects quite yet. In 2011, the publisher signed a deal with Turtle Rock Studios, one of the co-developers of Left 4 Dead, to create a new game.

Recent tweets from THQ's Jeremy Greiner indicate the project is still coming along. "Starting work on the campaign for my next FPS, which is being made by the creators of Left 4 Dead. This one is gonna be amazing," he said, adding that we won't hear anything about the project for awhile still.

Last month, THQ outlined its future game plan, with the Turtle Rock project slated for release in fiscal year 2014, which begins April 1, 2013. No details about the project have surfaced yet. THQ did, however, register a trademark for the name "Evolve" last month.