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Hardcore Gamers, Rejoice: Martha Stewart Coming To Castleville

by Matt Helgeson on Mar 28, 2012 at 08:20 AM

Domestic lifestyle business empress Martha Stewart has a new partnership with Zynga that will grant Stewart her very own kingdom in the company's social game Castleville.

In the game, Stewart will be crowned "The Queen of DIY" and bring her arts & crafts prowess to players, who will receive invitations to visit Stewart's kingdom (which is modeled after her legendary Bedford, New York home). Her kingdom will be stocked with new animals, including the Friesian horse, Araucana chickens, and black sheep as well as new flowers like the black orchid and white tulip. Stewart's in-game likeness will also appear on users' game board.

Queen Martha will be throwing a royal Easter celebration. Celebrants will be able to participate in an Easter egg hunt, build a crafting gazebo, and do crafts like Easter egg decorating.

So…this is something that is happening, and now you know about it. You're welcome.