Max Payne 3's Crew System Will Carry Over To GTA V

by Matt Helgeson on Mar 22, 2012 at 03:34 PM

Today, Rockstar announced details regarding Max Payne 3's multiplayer "crews" (read: clans) and revealed that you'll be able to take your crew across multiple games -- including GTA V.

As stated above, crews are essentially clans. You'll be able to create both public or private clans that can be customized in many ways. Through the Rockstar Games Social Club, you'll get stat tracking for your crew.

Rockstar is using crews to add some intrigue to multiplayer contests through a system of vendettas and feuds. There are both player-to-player vendettas and crew vendettas. PvP vendettas occur when another player kills you twice in a multiplayer match. After that you can start a vendetta, which marks that player with an X on maps. If you kill them after starting a vendetta, you'll receive extra XP.

Crew feuds work like vendettas, except they happen more randomly during play. If you see two or more members of a crew you are feuding with, the game will kick off a sudden "skirmish" between crews -- with the first team to log 10 kills declared the winner. Rockstar says that crew feud stats will be tracked throughout your experience with Max Payne 3, and will carry over to all "appropriate" Rockstar games in the future -- including Grand Theft Auto V.

For more, Rockstar did an exclusive interview with IGN.