Saints Row Ends Its Season Pass With Its Best DLC Offering

by Dan Ryckert on Mar 20, 2012 at 01:55 PM

After releasing the Nyteblayde bonus pack and two mission packs, Volition has made the final DLC from Saints Row: The Third’s season pass available today. The Trouble With Clones follows the lead of the previous packs, featuring three missions, some new weapons, and a few unlockables. It may be brief, but it manages to surpass the mediocre Genkibowl VII and Gangstas In Space.

At the outset of the DLC, your character is contacted by a nerd stereotype named Jimmy. He’s a huge fan of the Saints, and explains that he sought to resurrect Johnny Gat after his untimely demise. Thanks to his questionable level of scientific knowledge, Jimmy accidentally creates a version of Gat that behaves and looks like an altered version of the main game’s brutes. This monstrosity (referred to as Johnny Tag) begins to run amok on Steelport, and Jimmy enlists the help of the Saints.

As was the case in Gangstas In Space, one mission involves an entirely-too-lengthy car chase that involves little more than firing rockets at whatever police or army vehicles you see. Another is a bit more novel, and grants you access to the new Bee Gun. It works as advertised, letting you spray swarms of bees at rowdy Saints fans that are storming the stage at a Planet Saints concert. Things end in dramatic fashion with your character protecting Johnny Tag as the army assaults him on a bridge.

What makes this last mission the most fun is the addition of irradiated Saints Flow, an item that grants you abilities that haven’t been seen in the game before. With it, your character can sprint at superhero-like speeds, shoot fireballs out of his (or her) hands, and punch with a force that causes civilians and cars to explode. I found myself preferring the sprint ability to driving, as it was easy to quickly weave between alleyways on the way to my destination. Traffic is no issue, as your character will plow straight through vehicles as long as he’s on Saints Flow.

This brief Saints Flow section was a lot of fun, but it (along with the Bee Gun) unfortunately doesn’t unlock as a regular item after completing the DLC. A couple unlockables do become available, but they’re basically re-skinned versions of the brutes you probably already have in your phone book. While The Trouble With Clones won’t blow anyone away, it accomplishes the somewhat easy task of being the game’s best DLC to date. Volition hasn’t announced any future DLC plans for the game, but we’ll be sure to update the site if we hear any news.