Rumor: Shenmue I & II HD Have Been Finished For Over A Year

by Jeff Cork on Mar 16, 2012 at 04:21 AM

Sega has been dipping into the Dreamcast archives for the past few years, most recently with the upcoming HD remake of Jet Grind Set Radio. Longtime Sega fans may want to sit down for this next part. There's some chatter online that not only is Sega considering the release of HD remakes of Shenmues I and II, but that the updated games have been finished for more than a year.

Gamerzines is citing an anonymous source, who tells the site that development on the projects have been complete for "well over a year." The source says that Sega has been taking its time on releasing the games until it has a better sense of what exactly it wants to do with the franchise.

That would be pretty amazing stuff, if true. Of course Shenmue fans should already be inoculated against disappointment by now, so it shouldn't sting too badly even if it's complete bunk.